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Royal Guide


It is a pleasure to introduce that the Royal Guide Book Cambodia, published by Cam YP Co., Ltd., is an information compiler on Cambodia collected from various sources. It is designed for the use of both local and international visitors and tourists”. It includes information about emergency contacts, embassy, sights, accommodation, restaurants, transportation, entertainment, bank-ATM, health-beauty care and various activities. Royal Guide Cambodia also contains detailed maps with information on historical and traditional culture.

Help to improve the travel industry by sharing or contribute information about the people, historical and traditional Khmer culture to the world.

Be the number 1 guide book with the most trusted and creative traveler.


- Print 5,000 copies 2 times/year
- Print size: A5 (14.8 cm x 21 cm)
- Colour: 4/4 colour printing
- Material: Glossy 100 gsm, Cover 210 gsm

Distribution: Free delivery Door to Door, free of charge to every office, shop, airport, bus, taxi, tuk tuk, restaurant and tourist place.