Travkod resort


Welcome to Community Eco-Tourism of Travkod

Travkod resort is an Eco-Tourism which has clearly water and a nice view of Kulen mountain range. It’s the newest development and beautiful place where you can entertain fishing, rowing boat, swimming with tire tube and other interesting activities that are similar to the West Baray Resort activities. It’s a good place for you to have a rest with fresh air, taking picnic, camping, enjoying meal with your family, friends, teamwork and visit a great view of Kulen mountain range and clearly water of Travkod resort. Along the road on the village to Travkod resort, you can buy many kids of local villagers’ products and food like: fruits, palm juice, palm sugar or you can buy cakes, grill chicken, beverage, and Cambodian traditional noodle and so on. You can actually buy as similar as at the Angkor Khyung You (60 road) every evening and you also get a good quality food and reasonable price.

Travkod Resort is situated along the way to Kulen mountain Buengmealea and Koshke temples and it is across a way to that temple above. It is 10 kilometers nearer than Soutnikum district’s way and this way let all drivers can save their times and money from transportation. Certainly, for hotels, tourists, guides, taxis and Rirmok Association will get more benefit when we add Trackod resort and Chaosrey Vibul Ke temple program into the Itinerary. It is a new and interesting program that can attract many tourists to spend more longer to stay in Seim Reap town and it also provides more jobs for farmers in this rural area community and partake to develop this new Eco-Tourism Resort.